shannon lim, male*
graphic design


  • Identity for DAOAN.
  • Streets of Hope, Bras Basah.
  • Identity for The Neurology Practice (Proposed).
  • Identity for Jalan Besar Salon 2020.
  • Identity for Jalan Besar Salon 2019.
  • Identity for DURROWS.
  • Collaterals for WEEKEND SUNDRIES.
  • Identity for BREWIN DESIGN OFFICE.
  • Identity for President*s Design Award Singapore,
    completed at H55.
  • Identity for FloralKokoro.
  • Poster for Brawn & Brains Coffee's Anniversary.
  • Pamphlet for Brawn & Brains Coffee's Anniversary.
  • Event Identity for Run Further Challenge 2018.
  • Profile for The Editor's Market.
  • Poster for The Editor's Market.
  • Identity for Franciscan Chapel Centre's 50th, Tokyo.
  • Output, Letterpress & Typesetting Workshop.
  • Identity for The Daily Roundup, designed at Foreign Policy.
  • Working Together 02.
  • WT Bion, in collaboration with Giang Nguyen.
  • Top To Bottom, in collaboration with Tiffany Loy.
  • Bigger Better, music in collaboration with
    Mark Chua, Darell Sungkono and Chris Tang.
  • ORI series, products in collaboration with Muhammad Adib.
  • Posters, in collaboration with Jasmine Lee.
  • Illustrations, in collaboration with
    Junzuan Ang and Teo Chongwah.
  • Story Zine, in collaboration with Sandy Wang.
  • Exhibition Collaterals for Working Together 02.
  • Identity for uhm.
  • Products for uhm store.
  • Editorial for uhm paper 00.
  • Branding Proposal for The Substation.
  • Identity for TTTT.
  • Letters To Home: For Migrant Workers to Their Families.
  • Wak Hai Cheng Bio: A Dialogue between Architecture and
    History, designed in collaboration with Practice Theory.
  • Menu Design for Brawn & Brains Coffee, East Coast.
  • Identity for The A Cappella Society.
  • Colours Of Impressionism Exhibition Catalogue
    for National Gallery Singapore, completed at H55.
  • Between Worlds: Raden Saleh and Juan Luna Exhibition
    Catalogue for National Gallery Singapore, completed at H55.
  • Identity for PROSE.
  • Identity for Gabriel Aiden.
  • Redesign for Scholarship Guide, Singapore.
  • -HERE for Jalan Besar Salon, 2018.
  • Making Cities Liveable for Centre for Liveable Cities,
    completed at H55.
  • 04-03: HOT, Collaboration with YT Tommy Lee and Hongkit Toh.
  • Identity for Trishna Goklani
  • Identity for TASTE JOURNAL
  • Brew Guide for Brawn & Brains Coffee.
  • Design And Curation for MAKE DO 01. Supermama × uhm.
  • PLACE.LABOUR.CAPITAL for NTU Centre for Contemporary
    Arts Singapore, completed at H55.
  • Working Together 01, researched and designed at Pupilpeople.
  • Series of Exhibiton Posters for 87%.
  • Collaterals for MyMaha.
  • 100 Days, Words, Posters.
  • History Of Branding – The Brand Guide, designed at Foreign Policy.
  • United Notions Posters, designed at Foreign Policy.
  • Zhēn De, Encounters Magazine #4.
  • Poster for Brawn & Brains Coffee × Momofuku.
  • Coffee Beer Packaging for Brawn & Brains Coffee × Rye & Pint.
  • Identity for Germaine Tan.
  • Phenomena Issue 01, in collaboration with Danielle Ng.
  • Loco Royale, designed at Bravo.
  • FINN EP, Album Cover.
  • Identity for GSH Conserves.
  • Identity for Dash.
  • Identity for Print In Revolt.
  • Huábǎn, stencil silkscreen.